Why the #USelections are also Africa’s (and the world’s)

Liz Grossman

It’s that time again when Americans from all socio political backgrounds go to the voting stations to elect the person they believe will drive significant change in our country. But what many of us don’t necessarily realize is that the next American president has the chance to pave not only the future of the United States, but also the world.

Many American voters in this election are forgetting (or simply don’t know) that our President represents us not only at home, but in global forums. The President appoints ambassadors, who can create, build, and destroy geopolitical relationships. Having someone respectful, intelligent and poised is crucial if we expect to be taken seriously in trade deals, peace agreements, and other international negotiations.

I have experienced how Presidents can affect our reputations abroad. I first arrived in Cameroon during the Bush administration, where I was often made fun of as being a…

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