Roots of the Baobab

Liz Grossman and Tayib Fall met at the Google Gdays Conference in Dakar, Senegal on December 15, 2013, instantly bonding over the use of the internet to improve educational and professional outcomes for young professionals in Africa. Exactly two years later, they met again at a digital education forum in Dakar and realized that their combined expertise has the potential to make immense impact in bridging the gap between the US and Africa.

This is how Baobab Consulting was formed–with roots in the United States and Africa, seeking to collaborate with those who believe people on both sides of the ocean should be able hear each other’s voices and work together to build successful futures for their respective communities and the world as a whole.

The baobab tree in West Africa is a symbol of strength and power, able to provide fruit for people even in the driest of deserts. In West African tradition, under the baobab is where the community gathers to discuss and make decisions about their future. At Baobab Consulting, our branches will grow as our community does. We are open to working with those who strengthen the trunk of the baobab by promoting mutual understanding and equitable collaboration.

Photo by Ashlee Sang