Vision and Mission

We believe people in Africa and the United States should be able to work together to build successful futures for their respective communities, countries and the world 

Our vision is a world where Africans and Americans understand and work with each other to build and innovate.

Our mission is to promote mutual understanding and equitable collaboration between Africa and the United States.

Our collective experiences in both the private and voluntary sectors has allowed the Baobab Consulting team to identify the root causes behind the failed business relationships, ineffective development efforts and immeasurable missed opportunities for innovation and partnerships between the United States and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Mindset The overall misperceptions of Africans by Americans and of Americans by Africans creates an imbalanced foundation that prevents win-win collaborations.

Accessibility & Information Gaps African businesses lack the information and resources to compete and collaborate on the same level as American businesses and American businesses lack the network and information to comfortably invest and work in Africa.

Donor & Recipient Relationships The traditional donor and recipient relationship has created an imbalance of power and unrealistic expectations that hinders development.

Intercultural Communications Different cultural norms and education surrounding communication hinders organizations and individuals from developing thriving teams across the ocean.

Trade Partnerships US-based businesses struggle operating in Africa and African companies struggle to benefit from trade relationships. Both lack the capacity to build effective programs and initiatives on the continent.