The Baobab is the place in West African tradition where the community gathers to discuss and make decisions about their future. Baobab Consulting provides organizations, businesses and individuals in the US and Sub-Saharan Africa with strategic guidance and tools to implement effective programs and operations. We build communities and establish meaningful relationships by providing consulting services in three areas:

Strategic Communications: Communications, Relationship Management, Event Planning & Public Relations

Strategic consulting: Business Planning, Partnership Development, and Advising

Educational programs: Speaking and Teaching, Study Abroad Programs

Why hire Baobab Consulting?

  • Expanding global team , presently consisting of 8 experts based in Senegal, Nigeria, Canada, France and the United States
  • Significant professional experiences on the ground in Africa and in the United States with major international organizations, businesses, non profits and academic institutions
  • Vast global network of influencers to connect clients to the right people and opportunities
  • Combined cross industry experience (Nonprofit, Education, Agriculture, Research, Technology, etc) and cross sector experience (public, private, social)
  • Able to take on projects that bigger firms may consider too small and still deliver like the bigger firms would
  • Providing a one-stop shop service of strategy and implementation